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This section provides you with multiple links on the Internet to find the latest news taking place not only in the telecommunications industry but the world at large. Specialty links to sites dedicated to telecom and technology news are available. You'll also find links to sites that can provide you with the latest general news and weather. 'Hot Links' to various telecom stocks are available.

This section is intended to be a 'reference library.' Multiple links to sites that contain information about DSL, MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching), Frame Relay, ATM, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Telemedicine, Organizations, Technology Forums, Area Code Information, Reference Material on International Callback, and TeleRelay Services (TRS).  Finally, I have links in place to other web pages that are also dedicated to providing telecommunications information.

United States-Based Telecom Companies
Links to U.S. based long distance carriers, as well as links to multiple local exchange carriers (LEC's) and l
ong-distance resellers. Also listed are Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC's), International Call Back Vendors, Toll Free Service, and Conference Call providers.

International Telecom Companies
If you are a world traveler then be sure to check this section. Links to telecom companies all over the world: the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Israel, Finland, Norway, just to name a few!  And in most cases the companies listed provide reference information about the regions they serve.

Wireless Information
Links to companies all over the world that offer various wireless products. You'll also find links to information on various wireless applications: CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) PCS (Personal Communications Services), and Paging Services. Also: links to the new companies providing satellite-based telephony (paging, data, voice). Finally, there are links to various electronic magazines dedicated to the wireless industry

Vendor Information
This section contains links to multiple vendors specializing in a wide variety of hardware and software solutions. Some items include video conferencing, call center management, and several consulting firms.

IP Telephony
Fax, audio conferencing, video conferencing, a
nd even customer service applications are just a few of the applications you will find in this new section covering Internet Telephony.   In addition, you will also find links to websites dedicated to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).  Hardware and service providers are listed.

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The July 2023 Spotlights!

Who is my Personality of the Month? Or what sites have I selected as my Book Mark of the Month and my Cool Site of the Month? Check out my Spotlights Section and find out!

Search Engines and Software!
I've provided some quick search tools which you can use to search the Internet, along with some connections to other great search engines. I also have links to sites on the Web where you can download freeware and shareware clients.

Personal Favorites!!
A collection of some of my personal favorite sites. Humor, sports, business applications and some of my favorite personal home pages are provided.



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